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Can't find what you're looking for? Please call 870.245.5000.

Due to privacy issues, we do not publish a public directory of student information including email addresses.

Phone Numbers: Unless noted, all phone numbers are 870 area code.
Mailing Address: The mailing address for offices is 410 Ouachita Street, OBU Box XXXX (4-digit box number), Arkadelphia, AR 71998

Name Position Unit Office OBU Box Phone Email
SELLS, BEN President Presidents Office CB 300 3753 245-5400 SELLSB@OBU.EDU
GRANADE, RAY Director; Professor of History Library RHL 3742 245-5121 GRANADE@OBU.EDU
JEFFERS, JOE Professor Emeritus of Chemistry Natural Sciences JSC 211 3786 245-5216 JEFFERS@OBU.EDU
WINK, JOHNNY Betty Burton Peck Professor of English Language & Literature LH 203 3667 245-5556 WINKJ@OBU.EDU
BASS, HAL Professor Emeritus of Political Science Political Science MCC 103 3737 245-5361 BASSH@OBU.EDU
KUYPER, CLARK Laboratory Manager, Ouachita Water Lab Natural Sciences JSC 007 3792 245-5080 KUYPERC@OBU.EDU
ROTHWELL, JIM Asst. Prof. of Accounting/Asst. Dean-School of Bus. School of Business HH 104A 3765 245-5205 ROTHWELLJ@OBU.EDU
CADDELL, DAVID Professor of Sociology Sociology MCC 110 3770 245-5515 CADDELLD@OBU.EDU
FAYARD, JENNIFER Assistant Professor of Psychology Psychology MCC 208 3701 245-5103 FAYARDJ@OBU.EDU
DOUGLASS, ANGELA Assistant Professor of Physics Physics JSC 315 3764 245-5532 DOUGLASSA@OBU.EDU
WILLIAMS, FERRIS Assistant Professor of Art and Design Art and Design MP 208 3785 245-5565 WILLIAMSF@OBU.EDU
DOUGLASS, MATT Lecturer-Phil./Asst. to VP for Acad. Affairs/IR Analyst Academic Affairs CB 200 3725 245-5300 DOUGLASSM@OBU.EDU
CALHOON, TOM Adjunct - Real Estate School of Business HH 305 3760 245-5201 CALHOONT@OBU.EDU
PITTMAN, JENNIFER Dir.-Speer Writing Center; Lecturer; Writing Prog. Admin Language & Literature LH 204 3645 245-5553 PITTMANJ@OBU.EDU
FAYARD, NATHAN Adjunct ESL LH 104 3701 245-5266 FAYARDN@OBU.EDU
JOHNSTON, BRUCE Lecturer in Music Division of Music MFA 301 3748 245-5142 JOHNSTONB@OBU.EDU
MCGRAW, MARK Assistant Professor of Spanish Language & Literature LH 202 3706 245-5551 MCGRAWM@OBU.EDU
MORRISON, BECKY Assistant Professor of Music Division of Music MFA 405 3702 245-5143 MORRISONB@OBU.EDU
CAROZZA, CHARLES Adjunct Biology JSC 314 3792 245-5091 CAROZZAC@OBU.EDU
HARDIN, MONICA Special Assistant to the President Graduate & Prof. Studies CB 3753 245-4281 HARDINM@OBU.EDU
POOLE, SUE Counselor Student Development MFA 233 3646 poolesw@OBU.EDU
SHARP, DAVID Director of Athletics Athletics SPEC302 3788 245-5181 SHARPD@OBU.EDU
PHILLIPS, ALLYSON Assistant Professor of Psychology Psychology MCC 212 3734 245-5105 PHILLIPSA@OBU.EDU
HOUSER, MYRA Assistant Professor of History History LH 303 3744 245-5547 HOUSERM@OBU.EDU
FARABOUGH, LAUREN Adjunct Department of Communications LH 222 3759 245-5522 FARABOUGHL@OBU.EDU
First Name Position unit Office OBU Box Phone Email
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