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Chapel at Ouachita

In accordance with the university’s vision, mission and values, Ouachita seeks to foster in our students a love of God and a love of learning. Ouachita believes the local church is central to the spiritual life of Christians and does not consider chapel or other university programs to be replacements for church involvement.

As a public expression of Ouachita’s identity and purpose as a Christ-centered learning community, the university’s chapel program is designed to deepen students’ spiritual lives, to broaden their cultural appreciation, and to realize their role as a part of the Ouachita community. While many programs include worship and teaching from scripture, others promote student participation in university programs or allow Christians from diverse walks of life to share about their faith.

Chapel attendance is required for undergraduate graduation. See the “Academic Requirements for Chapel” section in the General Catalog for more details.


The Cotton Cordell Endowment, Elma Cobb Enrichment Fund, and the Carson-Myre Charitable Foundation have kindly provided funds to pay the cost for travel, honoraria and other expenses related to the chapel programs in order to maintain a high quality in the selection of speakers and other types of presentations. It is the hope of the donors that the programs will serve ultimately as a positive Christian influence upon the lives of many generations of students.

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