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Looking for job listings?
Go to Tiger Career Connection

and either log in if you have previously registered
or register for the site (it's FREE) by clicking on
"Alumni/Faculty Registration."

Have a job listing to promote?
Please send a brief job description and contact information

to careerservices@obu.edu.

Alumni Helping Students Program

Tigers look out for fellow Tigers - it's the Ouachita way! If you've gained a special skill-set or expertise in your career, please think about sharing your time and talents with Ouachita students.

The Alumni Helping Students program is designed to attempt to meet the dual needs of helping all students learn more about their chosen area(s) of study and develop their networking skills.  Students and alumni will be matched in career paths and will communicate by email and/or telephone.

One of the best ways for a student to learn about a career, industry, or profession is to find out what it is like from someone who has been or is currently working in that field.  The students can gain valuable information by talking to someone and learning about the day-to-day responsibilities of a position, getting insights into industry trends, or learning about required training or education for career success.  This approach to information gathering will allow the students to make connections with people who are in a position to help the students find a place of their own in that profession.

What will you gain from this experience?
The knowledge that you have the ability to guide a student in applying his/her academic training into a practical, useful career.

- Helping a Ouachita student explore a career by learning about and possibly experiencing your workplace personally.
- Giving the students a jump-start on career connections and networking.

What's the process?
Sign up by clicking emailing careerservices@obu.edu.

- Students will be matched with alumni volunteers according to availability.
- The Ouachita Career & Calling office will contact you to complete the match and make arrangements.


Externships are a fantastic way to offer freshmen and sophomores the opportunity to visit with alumni in the workplace, similar to a traditional shadowing program. It's a chance for a student to get an insider's view of a career by visiting with alumni (and co-workers) in their workplaces for two to five days during a holiday break or the summer. The students will be able to observe the day-to-day activities of someone in his/her desired career choice and discuss specific tasks, duties, responsibilities of the job, as well as your perceived future in that career.

Note: Students will not receive academic credit or pay for externships. Students will be responsible for their own expenses, transportation and/or housing, if required.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email careerandcalling@obu.edu. Thank you for your time, energy and enthusiasm!

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