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Career Preparation

The Ouachita Career & Calling office is here to help students with all stages of the career process. We would love to get to know you early in your college years and talk with you often along the way! There are numerous tips and resources our office can provide for you. Here are just a few:

1. Do Your Research

There are an infinite number of fields students can explore which is exciting and overwhelming! Start your career preparation with research. Think about what you like to do.

The U.S. Department of Labor manages Career One Stop. This resource outlines a range of career opportunities, potential salaries, job search tips and more. Be sure to spend some time navigating through the Student & Career Advisors section!

Curious about salary expectations for a range of jobs? The NACE Salary Calculator Center is the hub for compensation data, with salary data for more than 1,000 occupations in 560 regions of the United States. The NACE Salary Calculators are easy to use and information is updated monthly to ensure consistently accurate salary data.

You also need to take a look at what jobs are currently available, what skills employers are looking for, who's hiring and where.

2. Meet with the Career & Calling Team

The Career & Calling staff is available throughout the week to sit down and discuss career questions and opportunities. Be sure to set up a meeting in advance by emailing careerandcalling@obu.edu.

3. Craft Your Resume

Your resume is key to landing both jobs and internships. Your resume is a one-page snapshot of the work you've done, the education and skills you possess and shows potential employers why you are a great fit for their organization.

Here are just a few strong resume resources:

4. Market Yourself Online

Create a great LinkedIn profile!

Think about building a personal web site that is an extension of your resume. This site can show potential employers all you have to offer through photos, portfolios, videos, snippets from references and much more. You can build your own site easily (and for free!) through such platforms as Wix, Wordpress and Weebly.

5. Start Networking & Find a Mentor

YES, you can and should start networking while in college! Learning to network takes time and practice but - in essence - you're simply building relationships, asking career related questions and collecting contact information you can use in the future.

  1. Be sure to attend on and off-campus events hosted by Ouachita Career & Calling. These include the Career Expo and panel discussions featuring alumni and successful industry leaders.
  2. Get to know Ouachita alumni by attending alumni events, making connections through your academic school and joining alumni groups on LinkedIn and other social media.
  3. Set up meetings and "informational interviews" with professionals you admire! Ask questions about their career journey, their experience with their current organization and advice they are willing to share.
  4. Use social media! Connect with alumni and professionals on LinkedIn, follow them on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram.
  5. Get an internship! While interning, get to know your supervisor and coworkers you respect and ask for their feedback on your job performance as well as career advice and support. Keep in contact with these professionals after the internship is over.
  6. Always write a thank you note after interviews, meetings or even great conversations. It makes a real difference!
  7. Learn what works! Follow industry leaders, read relevant articles in respected news magazines and LinkedIn. Here's a great one from Forbes Magazine: My 10 Best Pieces of Career Advice for Millennials.

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