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Why are internships so important? Here are just 5 quick reasons they are so great for students in all majors: 

     1. Gain hands-on career experience
     2. Network & build connections
     3. Learn time management and professional etiquette
     4. Become a competitive candidate for future jobs
     5. Identify a career path that's right for you

One of the best resources we've found is Internships.comwhich maintains a nationwide database of internships in numerous fields. The site also has an Internship Predictor that can help identify areas of interest which is helpful, too!

Additional internship search sites:

- Idealist.org is a fantastic resource for students interested in working in the nonprofit sector. More than 100,000 organizations nationwide are posting opportunities!

- LearnHowToBecome.org is a comprehensive career resource with a mission to help students and aspiring professionals understand what it takes to land their perfect career. 

Now that you're ready to apply for internships...

Be sure to take a few moments to write thank you notes to the organizations you interview with. Take time to share your appreciation with your internship supervisor at the conclusion of your internship.

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