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Community & Intercultural Engagement

The Office of Community and Intercultural Engagement was formed in August 2021, with the purpose of assigning areas together whose purpose is to promote dialogue and ministry with campus, local, and global engagement. It is where the Elrod Center for Family & Community, TRIO Programs, Grant Center for International Education, Multicultural Student Programs and Campus Ministries reside.

The university’s mission, vision and values statement encourages us to promote reasoned engagement with the world, while creating a Christ-centered learning community that fosters a love of God and love of learning. In this spirit, the Office of Community and Intercultural Engagement seeks to encourage people.

The guiding principles that will lead us focuses on three primary areas:

  • Acknowledgment that people are different because of their cultures, experiences and values;
  • Acceptance that while people are different, they also have more in common than not; and,
  • Appreciation for the differences, which leads to mutual respect.


Acts 10:34

“Then Peter opened (his) mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons.”

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