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Request an Appointment

To request a counseling appointment, please contact the Student Development Office Manager, Michelle Smead. She has access to the schedules of all our Counseling Center professional staff. We recommend that you call her, at 870-245-5220, to request an appointment. By calling her you will lower the risk that your preferred spot will be taken during the time required to correspond via email. However, if you prefer, you may also reach her by email at smeadm@obu.edu. You may also choose to drop by her desk in the Student Development Office to request an appointment in-person. The OBU Counseling Center office is located on the lower level of the Evans Student Center, in the hallway behind the Post Office, room #137.

If you have an emergency situation, we will do whatever it takes to get you in right away. So please let us know immediately if this is your situation.

Counseling Services also has a free anonymous mental health screening tool that may be useful to you, especially if you elect, before exiting the system, to share or email your results to the Counseling Center Staff.

The email addresses for each of our staff counselors are listed below:

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