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Tuition Refund Policy

Dropping a Course

Ouachita charges a flat rate for undergraduate residential tuition for students enrolled in 10 – 18 credit hours. No amount of tuition will be refunded if a student drops a course, but remains enrolled in at least 10 hours. However, a $15 drop fee will be charged to drop a class after the first week of class. Students must remain enrolled in 12 hours to be eligible for most forms of scholarships, grants and loans.

Withdrawing from School

Refunds of tuition upon withdrawal from the University are handled as follows (Online and Graduate Programs may vary – see catalog):

Tuition: Students withdrawing from the university will be entitled to a refund of tuition at the following rates: (General Fees are non-refundable)

Fall and Spring Summer (8 Week Term) Winter or May Term (3-4 Week)
Week 1-2: 80% refund of tuition Week 1: 75% refund of tuition Day 1-2: 80% refund of tuition
Week 3: 60% refund of tuition Week 2: 50% refund of tuition Day 3: 60% refund of tuition
Week 4: 40% refund of tuition Week 3: 25% refund of tuition Day 4: 50% refund of tuition
Week 5: 20% refund of tuition Week 4: No refund of tuition Day 5: 40% refund of tuition
Week 6: no refund of tuition   Day 6: No refund of tuition


Note that in the above policy, the definition for a “week” is a calendar week (Sunday through Saturday). The Winter and May terms are online terms, and the definition of “Day 1” is the first day of the term as published in our academic calendar.

Students withdrawing from a class that required any additional special class fee should contact Student Financial Services to determine if any portion of the special class fee will be refunded.

Housing and Food Plans will be refunded on a prorated basis upon official withdrawal from the university.


See our catalog for more information regarding how withdrawing from school will affect tuition charges and varying sources of financial aid.

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