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International Studies Minor

The international studies minor is designed to enhance a student's overseas study by integrating his or her experience with expanded language training and additional international studies classes at Ouachita. This program seeks to broaden the student's understanding of one or more areas of the world and deepen appreciation for the richness of the cultural, religious, political and economic diversity of our ever shrinking world.

The minor includes at least 27 hours:

  • Language Studies: Two years of study in one foreign language, totaling 12-14 hours. At least one semester must be taken before the overseas experience.
  • Study Abroad: The student must complete at least one semester of an overseas study experience in a program approved in advance by the International Studies Committee.
  • International Senior Seminar: The student must complete this one hour seminar (INTL 4001) after returning from an international study experience.
  • Additional Requirements: The student must complete other approved courses to fulfill the 27-hour minor. These may include pre-approved courses taken overseas or on campus courses related to the student's degree program. Examples of such courses include, but are not limited to: World Politics (PSCI 2043) Comparative Politics (PSCI 2123), Topical Seminar (HIST 4703-4793), World Religions (MSSN 3433) and Intercultural Communication (SPCM 4313/MSSN 4313).

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