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Department of Musicology

Courses in Musicology

All music majors and musical theatre majors complete a comprehensive, four-semester sequence of courses in the history of Western music that include: “Introduction to Musicology” (MUSC 2021), which introduces the principal genres and terminology pertinent to the various periods of Western and non-Western music history, followed by; the “History of Western Music 1” (MUSC 3223), which examines the developments in Western music from antiquity to c. 1500; the “History of Western Music 2” (MUSC 3233), which examines the developments in Western music from c. 1500 to c. 1800; and the “History of Western Music 3” (MUSC 3243), which completes the sequence and examines the developments in Western music from c. 1800 to the present.

After completing the required music history sequence music majors may elect to take upper-division courses in: the “History of Modern Art Music” (MUSC 4243), an in-depth examination of the history and development of Western art music from c. 1850 through the modern era; and the “History of American Music” (MUSC 4253), a review of trends and developments in American music from pre-Jamestown to the present.  With approval of the department chair: after completing the required music history courses advanced students may take “Studies in Musicology, Variable Topics” (MUSC 4423), in which the subject matter changes each semester in accordance with student interest, or pursue individual studies on specific topics in music history.  Honors students in music may also petition the department chair to guide their junior-year directed study and senior thesis.

Members of the performance faculty also offer courses in the literature of performance media for students concentrating in those areas and music appreciation courses for non-music majors.


Musicology Course Titles

MUSC 2021: Introduction to Musicology - Fall

MUSC 3173: History and Literature of Musical Theatre - Fall/even-numbered years

MUSC 3223: History of Western Music 1 - Spring

MUSC 3233: History of Western Music 2 - Fall

MUSC 3243: History of Western Music 3 - Spring

MUSC 4243: History of Modern Art Music - Fall/even-numbered years

MUSC 4252: Instrumental Literature - On demand

MUSC 4253: History of American Music - Fall/odd-numbered years

MUSC 4262: Organ Literature - On demand

MUSC 4272: Choral Literature and Arranging - Spring

MUSC 4282: Piano Literature - Fall/even-numbered years)

MUSC 4292: Vocal Literature - Spring/odd-numbered years

MUSC 4312: Band History and Literature - Spring/odd-numbered years

MUSC 4423: Studies in Musicology, Variable Topics - As announced

MUSC 4xxx: Course By Conference, Musicology – As announced

MUSC 4xxx: Independent Study, Musicology – As announced

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