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Crime Prevention

Parking Lot Safety

  • Always lock your doors and keep your windows rolled up when you are parked.
  • Park in a well-lit area when possible.
  • Have your car keys out and ready as you are approaching your car. Do not wait until you are at the door to be fumbling through pockets or bags looking for your keys.
  • Hide any items in your vehicle that have any personal information on them such as your home address, social security number, phone number, etc.
  • Don’t leave any valuable items, such as a laptop, expensive pair of headphones, etc. in sight for people who are passing by.

Dorm/Apartment Safety

  • Make sure the locks on your doors, windows are working and use them.
  • Leave lights on when you are not home and have your keys in your hand as you are approaching your door.
  • Get to know your neighbors.
  • If it looks like your dorm/apartment has been broken into, do not enter and call the police immediately.
  • Don’t leave valuables lying around while you are not there.

Walking/Running Safety

  • When possible, never walk/run alone. Utilize the buddy system.
  • Be vigilant of your surroundings. If you notice anybody following you or acting suspicious, do not be afraid to call for help.
  • If you are listening to music, keep the volume low and one ear open so you can hear your surroundings.
  • Utilize the RAVE Guardian app.
  • Try not to go for a walk/run during when it is dark.

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