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I am locked out of my dorm/apartment. What should I do?

If you are locked out of your residence hall or dorm room, first contact your resident director to let you in. If they are unavailable, contact the Office of Campus Safety and Emergency Management. If you are locked out of an apartment, call safety at 870-260-5691, and a service officer will come assist you.

Does the university offer any type of roadside assistance?

Yes! If you are unable to start your vehicle on campus due to a dead battery, the service officer or police officer on duty would be happy to give you a jumpstart.

Additionally, if you have suffered a flat/blown tire and are unsure how or unable to change it yourself, the university service and police officers would gladly assist you in putting on the spare to get you where you need to go safely.

What are the hours for the Safe Destination program?

The program is available for students to utilize 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I dispute a parking citation charge?

Students may dispute citations at Traffic Court, which is coordinated by Student Senate. This can be found on a student’s INFO portal under the “Student Senate” tab. For more information, contact Student Senate at senate@obu.edu.

What is the difference between campus police and Arkadelphia police?

The only difference between university police officers and city police officers/sheriff deputies is the location with which they work. All of our police officers are duly commissioned police officers in the state of Arkansas.

I want to report illegal activity that someone is participating in, but he/she would get really mad at me if they found out I turned them in. What should I do?

Utilize the anonymous reporting feature with the RAVE Guardian app. This will allow you to submit tips/concerns to the department for situations such as these. Even if it is obvious who submitted the tips, we would never indicate that to the individual in question.

How do I request an officer to speak in a class or event?

Our officers love to engage with students and faculty in these ways. Any inquiries for class talks or events please email Lieutenant Brandon Tollett at tollettb@obu.edu.

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