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Rave Guardian App

The Ouachita Baptist University police department is committed to the safety of our students, faculty and staff both on and off campus. With this in mind, students are offered the free RAVE guardian app, which transforms any smart phone into a personal safety device.

Although we pride ourselves in having a very safe community of students here at Ouachita, we strongly believe that having this app on your phone is a helpful tool to enhance a student’s safety no matter where they are.

How It Works

Register and set up an account: Users can add their name, campus address, medical notes and other pertinent information for campus safety in case of emergency.

Easy Emergency Communication: In an emergency, a one button call to campus safety officials will display the user’s Guardian profile and current location.

Add & Message Guardians: By adding roommates, friends and family to their network as “guardians,” users can feel safer when walking alone, on or off campus. Guardians can also be messaged directly through the app.

Set a Safety Timer: In the event a student feels unsafe, they can set a timer with their current location, indicating where they are going and when they should arrive. If they do not make it there and de-activate the timer, your designated guardian(s) will be alerted immediately.


Who can use the app?

All students, faculty, and staff at Ouachita! Just sign up using your Ouachita email address.

Will the app allow people to track me?

Only people you designate will have the ability to track your phone while in the app. During a timed event, those you assign as guardians will receive an invitation via text with a link to the RAVE website showing your GPS location.

Do I have to be on campus for this to work?

Not at all! The app works whether you are on or off campus. If you are on campus, tap the "University Police" button. If you are off campus, tap the "off campus 911" button.

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