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Contemporary World

Below is the link to the map exam games and other study guides for the exam. The Academic Success Center has weekly sessions specifically for this class and we also have map packets you may use in the center.

Contemporary World Map Videos:

Additional Internal Resources


External Academic Resources

How Do I Study?

Academic success can be achieved by utilizing many different learning tools, techniques, and strategies to create consistent, effective study habits. Helpful strategies include:

  • Comprehensive Study Resource Websites
  • Maintaining Effective Study Techniques 
  • Time Management 
  • Organization
  • Note-Taking 
  • Test-Taking 
  • Videos and Podcasts

In addition to participating in Student Success and Tutoring services, Ouachita students may acquire or improve study strategies by accessing academic best-practices through the comprehensive study resource websites listed in the links below:



Student Success Guides

Take control of your learning, your success, and your academic process here at Ouachita.

Time Management



Learning Skills

Decision Making



**All videos were taken from mindtools.com


Scholarship Resources



Quizlet is an online study tool available for free. You can search and create what you need to learn. There is a sharing tool that allows you and classmates to share your study material along with many other helpful study tools.

Access the website on your smartphone to download the app.


OBU Connect

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