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Online Master of Education and Graduate Certificate in Curriculum & Instruction

Crafted for teachers seeking to elevate their careers, Ouachita Baptist University’s online Master of Education and graduate certificate in curriculum & instruction showcase a comprehensive blend of coursework and practical application.

Whether you want to enhance your earning potential or advance in roles such as curriculum specialist or instructional coach, our program equips you with the necessary skills to lead learning communities. Additionally, our 12-month program accommodates your busy schedule as a working educator with fully online classes, providing flexibility without compromising quality.

Embodying our program motto, "Live for God, Love others and Teach all students," we dedicate ourselves to nurturing educators who view teaching as their spiritual calling. Join us and create a lasting impact on the lives of your students.

Ouachita's Called to Teach conference to be held on campus July 19, 2024, in Walker Conference Center.
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Unlock diverse and rewarding career pathways with Ouachita's master's in curriculum & instruction program. Graduate with the expertise to excel in educational leadership and instructional design roles, such as:

Academic Director

Corporate Training Manager

Curriculum Designer

Curriculum Specialist

Education Consultant

Instructional Coach

Instructional Designer

Explore an array of dynamic courses designed to enrich your educational journey within Ouachita's online curriculum & instruction degree program, including:

Classroom Management and Student Engagement

Curriculum and Practice

Education Law and Leadership

Instructional Practice and Technology Tools

Issues in Education

Teaching as a Calling

Teaching Diverse Learners

View the Ouachita graduate catalog for a full course listing with course descriptions.

Join the program on any of our three start dates aligned with the spring, summer and fall terms. While curriculum & instruction program applications remain open year-round, you must submit your application at least one month before your desired enrollment date.

Offered by the Huckabee School of Education, the fully online curriculum & instruction master’s degree and graduate certificate program accommodates your schedule with asynchronous class options. Additionally, our program director offers optional group sessions held in person or via Zoom to ensure accessibility and collaboration for all students.

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Month Program



Average Salary Increase

In their words

hear from a faculty member

I view teachers with a master’s degree in curriculum & instruction as master teachers. In this program, we build upon teachers’ existing knowledge and experience by equipping them with enhanced strategies for delivering instruction, engaging students and building classroom communities for all learners. We will deepen teachers’ understanding of the scope and sequence of curriculum, mastery of data-driven instruction and leadership skills. Most importantly, we have the privilege of doing this within the context of our program motto: ‘Live for God, Love others and Teach all students.’”

Gail HughesDr. Gail Hughes
program director


Live for God, Love Others and Teach All Students

Our program's motto transcends academic instruction — it encourages a life devoted to service through education. At Ouachita, our students receive support and experience real-world learning through projects such as collaborative service initiatives in local schools. We also provide opportunities for professional development and host the Called to Teach Conference each summer, welcoming all educators to celebrate our mission and gain valuable insights for the upcoming school year.

program details

Total Hours = 30



Spring 1

EDCI 5113 Curriculum and Practice*

EDCI 6423 Applied Learning Theories

Spring 2

EDCI 6213 Program Evaluation

EDCI 6223 Teaching Diverse Learners


EDCI 5313 Teaching as a Calling*

EDCI 6323 Education Law and Leadership

Fall 1

EDCI 5413 Classroom Management and Student Engagement*

EDCI 6123 Issues in Education

Fall 2

EDCI 6513 Data-Informed Teaching

EDCI 5523 Instructional Practice and Technology Tools*


As a full-time student, you can earn your degree in one year by completing two courses in each of our five terms. Part-time students are encouraged to complete at least three courses per year.

All courses are offered online with optional discussion sessions to interact with your peers and professor.

For course descriptions, please see the Graduate Catalog.

Ouachita General Graduate Admissions Requirements:

  • Conferred bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • 2.5 minimum GPA on a 4.0 scale (individual programs may require a specific GPA)
  • Completed Ouachita graduate application with a statement of purpose
  • Three references

Admissions Requirements for the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction:

  • Must meet Ouachita’s graduate admissions requirements and have a minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale

Conditional admission is considered for applicants who meet all other curriculum and instruction admissions requirements and have a GPA between 2.75 and 2.5.

If you’re not ready to pursue a master’s program, Ouachita’s online curriculum & instruction graduate certificate equips you with a comprehensive understanding of curriculum development that can help boost your career, increasing your proficiency in classroom management, student engagement, instructional practice and technology. It also fosters a deeper appreciation for teaching as a form of ministry.

The program consists of the following M.Ed. courses:

  • EDCI 5113
  • EDCI 5313
  • EDCI 5413
  • EDCI 5523

Students can complete the certificate program in one year. The admissions requirements, cost and format are the same as the master’s in curriculum & instruction program.

2024-2025 Curriculum and Instruction Degree Cost of Attendance

  • Tuition per graduate credit hour: $500
  • Estimated total tuition and fees for full 30-hour program: $15,390*

*based on full-time attendance

Explore Graduate and Professional Studies program costs and financial assistance.

Explore the core competencies and objectives guiding Ouachita’s curriculum and instruction program.

Goal 1: Lead curriculum planning

Program graduates will be able to evaluate state and national content standards to:

  • SLO 1a: determine content to teach in order to promote high student expectations.
  • SLO 1b: conclude when to teach content components.
  • SLO 1c: discern why they teach components of the content.

Goal 2: Use data to plan programs and instruction for all learners

Program graduates will be able to:

  • SLO 2a: analyze student classroom data to improve student learning.
  • SLO 2b: dissect student standardized test score data to improve student learning.
  • SLO 2c: incorporate student research data to improve student learning and close achievement gaps.

Goal 3: Promote effective instructional practice

Program graduates will be able to:

  • SLO 3a: prioritize technology tools to increase student learning.
  • SLO 3b: recommend strategies for engaging students to increase student learning.
  • SLO 3c: design effective instruction for differentiating learning for all students with an emphasis on student diversity (e.g., cultural, socio-economic, linguistic, exceptional and gifted) to increase student learning.

Goal 4: Encourage student character

Program graduates will be able to:

  • SLO 4a: apply teacher behaviors that create a caring classroom culture of learning.
  • SLO 4b: adapt strategies to promote student motivation for learning.
  • SLO 4c: assemble lessons that guide students in their leadership growth.

Goal 5: Exemplify Biblical ethics in leadership behavior with an emphasis on the traits of personal integrity, courage, resilience and perseverance as they model Christ’s love.

Program graduates will be able to:

  • SLO 5a: recommend strategies for modeling Christ’s love in the classroom.
  • SLO 5b: construct personal growth plans set on high personal standards modeled on biblical principles.
  • SLO 5c: implement professional growth plans founded on biblical principles.

If you’re interested in applying to a Ouachita graduate program but are not a U.S. citizen, contact your graduate admissions counselor, Angie Schleiff, at schleiffa@obu.edu before submitting an application. Due to visa requirements, admission requests from non-U.S. citizens are addressed on a case-by-case basis and take extra time. Please inquire early in the process.

Minimum English proficiency requirements for international students are:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL):
  • At least a 79 on the internet-Based TOEFL (iBT)
  • At least a 550 on the paper-based TOEFL
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS):
  • At least a 6.5 on the IELTS exam

Learn about the international student experience and admissions requirements.

Learning curriculum

Lead curriculum planning and implementation

Enhance your curriculum planning expertise by clearly defining what, when, why and how you teach specific content. Develop professionally by outlining the connections between different subject areas, emphasizing adherence to state and national content standards and implementing rigorous expectations for student achievement.

Curriculum & Instruction data

Enhance your professional leadership

Discover how to leverage data and modern trends to enhance your individual programs and those within your professional learning community. These insights empower you to craft instructional plans that address the needs of all learners. Additionally, they assist in identifying the best technology tools for student engagement and designing impactful instruction tailored to diverse student populations.


Model character and encourage student growth

Promote student character development and embody biblical ethics in leadership by recognizing the connection between teacher conduct and classroom atmosphere, student motivation and learning. By prioritizing personal integrity, courage and perseverance, you emulate Christ's love, uphold elevated standards and foster a culture of continuous growth and learning.

Graduate professional studies


Ouachita Baptist University's Graduate and Professional Studies programs cater to individuals committed to lifelong learning or seeking career advancement. The programs employ innovative modalities in diverse fields, ensuring that students find success professionally and spiritually. Emphasizing a sense of community, Ouachita cultivates meaningful relationships among students and professors for a supportive and enriching educational experience.


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To learn more about Ouachita's online master's in curriculum & instruction degree program or graduate certificate, reach out to your admissions counselor.



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