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Ouachita Coronavirus Information

Drawing on guidance regarding COVID-19 from the Centers Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state and local health officials and Ouachita's Health Monitoring & Action Team, the following information guides the university's operations. These guidelines will be updated as needed.



  • Dr. Wesley Kluck, university physician – chair

  • Dr. Byron Eubanks, chair of the Department of Philosophy and director of the Sutton Center for Integrity

  • Tim Harrell, director of student life

  • Dr. Tim Knight, dean of the Patterson School of Natural Sciences

  • Missy Lewis, compliance officer and IT Services project coordinator

  • Sherri Phelps, director of human resources

  • Rickey Rogers, vice president for student development

  • David Sharp, director of athletics

  • James Taylor, director of campus ministries

  • Molly Wallace, director of health services

  • Brooke Zimny, assistant to the president for communications & marketing – ex officio


  1. Be current with public health guidance and practices, especially as they relate to institutions of higher education.

  2. Give direction and recommendations for applying public health guidance/practices to Ouachita’s leadership groups; faculty, staff, and students; and sponsored activities.

  3. Serve as a sounding board for the university community on public health practices and recommendations that are in place.

Former members who have rotated off the committee: Tyrese Allen, Student Senate president, and Caitlin Hetzel, director of housing and assistant director of residence life.

Campus Protocols

Masks: Masks are optional.

Feeling Sick? Students, faculty and staff should monitor their own health for symptoms consistent with COVID-19. 

COVID-19 Testing: Testing is recommended for those experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and is available while supplies last in the Office of Health Services, located in Evans Student Center. Please call ahead to make an appointment: 870-245-5244. Testing also is readily available at local pharmacies and healthcare providers, and at-home tests are available at retailers.

If you have COVID-19:

  • Isolation protocols: The Office of Health Services will make a determination on your steps forward based on your symptoms. 
    • If you're experiencing cold-like symptoms, isolate for 3 days (at the location of your choosing), then check in with Health Services. If you are then well with no fever, you may return to full activities (masks optional).
    • If you're experiencing flu-like symptoms, isolate for 5 days (at the location of your choosing), then check in with Health Services. If you are then well with no fever, you may return to full activities (masks optional).
  • Missing class or work: Students should notify their instructors and work study supervisors of their absence; employees should notify their supervisors. Work with your instructors and/or supervisors on the best way to make up work according to your situation. 
  • Dining services: Students should email catering@obu.edu for information on how meals will be provided while isolating. 

QUESTIONS? Contact the Office of Health Services at 870-245-5244.


Last updated August 29, 2023


Take Care, Tigers

"Take Care, Tigers" defines the commitment and effort by the Ouachita campus during the past two academic years, allowing us to be one of the few universities in the nation to have an in-person experience. Even as the pandemic continues to evolve, we encourage the campus community to continue what has served us well – respect for self, respect for others and respect for Ouachita's Christian mission.

Next Steps



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