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Music: B.A. (Worship Studies Concentration)

Worship is vital in the life of the local church and in the spiritual formation of its people. Ouachita takes seriously the opportunity to develop the young men and women who will be placed in these ever-changing leadership roles. At Ouachita, students are equipped not only with superior musical skills but also with a biblical foundation for ministry. With vocal, keyboard, instrumental and guitar emphases, the Bachelor of Arts degree program in music with a concentration in worship studies trains future worship leaders to embrace diverse worship styles. Our students will be prepared to follow their calling and lead in a wide variety of worship settings.

Church worship pastor/leader

Student ministry worship leader/mentor

Church planter


Song writer


Congregational Worship

Foundations for NextGen Worshipers

Song Writing and Arranging for Worship

Technology and Media for Worship

Worship Administration and Leadership

Senior Worship Project

Worship Practicum (7 semesters)

View the Ouachita catalog for a full course listing with course descriptions.

Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in music while preparing for the field of worship studies with focused vocal, keyboard, guitar and instrumental studies.

View the detailed degree requirements PDF to see all courses included in the program.

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Graduation Rate (2020)



150-Hour Internship



Program Emphases



Semesters of Hands-On Practicum

"My time and experience as a worship arts student were invaluable and extremely formative. With complete integrity, I can say I would not be where I am today if not for Ouachita’s worship arts program. In areas such as personal relationships, practicality and theology, I benefit daily from what I learned as a student at Ouachita. The program continues to be a strong and relevant training ground for worship leaders."

Cory Epps headshotCory Epps, 2013 Bachelor of Arts in music graduate
worship leader, First Baptist Church of Rogers, Ark.

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Ministry Training

We believe nurturing your spiritual walk and biblical understanding is essential to your effectiveness in serving the Church. While every worship studies student will be trained in voice, keyboard and guitar, this is just one facet of your education. You’ll study the transformation of worship over the centuries as well as today’s ever-changing landscape; you’ll also take courses in Christian studies to biblically ground your approach to worship.

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Immersive Education

As a worship studies student, you will take seven – yes, seven! – semesters of Worship Practicum. This provides opportunities for rehearsing and leading with bands/praise teams and worship choirs. And because you will share these training experiences collectively with your classmates and under the expert teaching of professionals in the field, you will gain a breadth of experience, be encouraged and challenged alongside your peers and strengthen your skills in each area.

worship on stage

Hands-on Experience

Thanks to Ouachita’s strong history of producing worship leaders and more than 130-year relationship with Arkansas Baptist churches, students often are placed in long- and short-term ministry roles during their college career. And they all complete a 150-hour internship in local churches that includes one-on-one leadership training with a mentor and a broad array of stylistically-inclusive training opportunities to prepare them for service in a variety of ministry settings.


We Think You'll Notice a Difference:

We believe in community.

Lots of colleges offer music degrees. But Ouachita offers something different: an intentional focus on relationships. You cannot do ministry alone! From our collaborative Worship Practicum experiences, to leading with the Ouachita Worship band, to meeting Ouachita’s network of worship leaders and alumni from all over the country, our worship studies program fosters strong connections. You will receive individualized training from your professors who will stay in touch with you and encourage you in your ministry long after you graduate. And you’ll build lasting friendships with mentors and peers you can count as a support system for years to come.

Program Details


  • Worship Practicum (7 semesters required, or 1 per semester for transfer students)
  • Foundations of Worship Ministry
  • Survey of Worship Music
  • Foundation for Next Gen Worshipers
  • Worship Administration and Leadership
  • Technology and Media for Worship
  • Song Writing and Arranging for Worship
  • Directing for Rhythm Section
  • Congregational Worship
  • Internship
  • Senior Worship Project

  • Spiritual Formation
  • 6 hours of Christian Ministries courses
  • 6 hours from Biblical Studies and Theology courses

  • Vocal Diction
  • Applied Guitar (2 semesters)
  • Principles of Conducting
  • Choral Conducting
  • Ensembles (each semester of enrollment)
  • 2 hours of music electives

  • Piano Seminar (each semester of enrollment)
  • Applied Guitar (2 semesters)
  • Principals of Conducting
  • Choral Conducting OR Instrumental Conducting
  • Ensembles (each semester of enrollment)

  • Guitar Seminar (8 semesters)
  • Applied Voice (2 semesters)
  • Principles of Conducting
  • Choral Conducting or Instrumental Conducting
  • Ensembles (each semester of enrollment)
  • Concert Choir

  • Instrumental Seminar (Applied area, each semester of enrollment)
  • Applied Guitar
  • Applied Voice (2 semesters)
  • Ensembles (each semester of enrollment)
  • Concert Choir (2 semesters)
  • Principles of Conducting
  • Instrumental Conducting

School of Performing Arts

The School of Performing Arts is committed to providing you with an outstanding experience in wonderful facilities with cutting-edge instruments and equipment. We strive for a balance between a Christian education and professional education through a challenging atmosphere of creativity and collaboration. We are dedicated to facilitating critical thinking, the creative process and personal expression by developing and maintaining curricular and performance programming which emphasizes the creative process.


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