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Art Education: B.A.

You don’t just have a passion to create; you also want to help others develop a deep appreciation for the arts. An art education degree from Ouachita is designed to give you the structure and creative space to refine your own artistic expertise while equipping you to teach your love of art to the next generation. Structured as a double major in education and studio art, you will explore a range of artistic media and have the opportunity to earn certification to teach kindergarten through 12th grade. You’ll pair a strong curriculum in visual principles, studio skills and classroom teaching experience with Ouachita’s distinctive Christian liberal arts background to propel your career forward. 

  • Private & Public School Education

    Museum Education & Interpretation

    Art Therapy

  • Color Theory



    Digital Tools and Concepts

    Methods of Art Education

    Advanced Studio Projects

View the Ouachita catalog for a full course listing with course descriptions.

Art education students are double majors in education and studio art and may specialize in ceramics, painting or drawing. View the detailed degree requirements PDF to see all courses included in the program.

High school seniors can apply for a portfolio scholarship here!

Learn more about the School of Humanities and the Huckabee School of Education.



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In their words

hear from a student

“The visual art department has profoundly impacted my life and work as an artist by giving me the skills to see and create art in a unique way from a Christian perspective. The faculty has been supportive not just in my artistic endeavors, but my life outside the classroom. By the time I was putting on my senior exhibit, I felt fully prepared and could clearly see how the structure of the program set me up for success.”

KatelynSmithKatelyn Dancer
2016 art education graduate, elementary art teacher, M.S.E. Special Education - Gifted, Talented and Creative

Art professor

Learn from artists with a passion for teaching

With a low student-to-faculty ratio in the art education program, you’ll be in close contact with your professors in both the education and art & design departments. As artists who have exhibited nationally and internationally and teachers who have dedicated their careers to education, they’re committed to helping you develop critical thinking skills, artistic expression and teaching expertise.

Art guest speaker

Make connections and gain insights from across the country

At Ouachita, we don’t think it’s enough just to read about great artists and educators; you need to meet them – and maybe chat over coffee too! We bring guest artists and educators to campus throughout the year for lectures, exhibits and more, so you’ll have face-to-face access to innovative teachers and creators from across the country.

Art Education

Improve your career options with real world experience

As an art education major at Ouachita, you’ll discover a passion for hands-on learning in and out of the classroom. You’ll spend time in K-12 classrooms, refining your teaching skills under the guidance of outstanding educators and build an impressive visual portfolio. And a capstone senior exhibit showcases your unique artistic perspective.


Expand your perspective

with travel

As part of your Ouachita experience, you can explore your disciplines through a variety of lenses while visiting studios, classrooms, museums and conferences. If you want to go bigger, there are several longer term options tailored to art and education. Explore different systems of education in New England or the United Kingdom with the Department of Education’s annual study trips. Or broaden your repertoire – and see your favorite works in person – through a study abroad program like Ouachita’s 3-week European Study Tour or a full semester of art studies at Liverpool Hope University.

School of Performing Arts

The School of Performing Arts is committed to providing you with an outstanding experience in wonderful facilities with cutting-edge instruments and equipment. We strive for a balance between a Christian education and professional education through a challenging atmosphere of creativity and collaboration. We are dedicated to facilitating critical thinking, the creative process and personal expression by developing and maintaining curricular and performance programming which emphasizes the creative process.


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