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Education: B.A. & B.M.E.

Maybe you want to open up the world for a child through a science experiment or a story, or perhaps you enjoy discovering a teenager’s hidden potential, seeing it develop into strength of character. From the classroom to the resource room to the field or stage, whichever role you choose in the educational process can have long-lasting impact on students, their families and their future, and we want to see you make that difference.

Ouachita’s education program’s mission is to provide a curriculum and environment that prepare educators who are student-centered and see teaching as ministry; who possess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for effectively educating all students; and who are life-long learners. While we will certainly prepare you to produce Teacher-of-the-Year-quality lesson plans, we also want to challenge you to be firm, fair and engaging like the Master Teacher. Take a look at how our combination of focused instruction, extensive field experience and hands-on practice can launch your educational career.


School Administrator

Instructional Technology Specialist

Tutoring Services

Children's Ministry

Camp Director

Occupational Therapist

Practicum in Education and Classroom Management

Teaching Students from Multilingual and Diverse Backgrounds

Child and Adolescent Development

Art, Drama, Movement, and Music

Instructional Technology

Learning Theories and Assessment Practices

Student Teaching (Internship)

View the Ouachita catalog for a full course listing with course descriptions.

Ouachita’s teacher education program has a variety of degree pathways to suit your career goals and prepare you for state licensure. B.A. degrees are available in education (K-12), elementary education (K-6), middle school education (4-8) and secondary education (7-1), with subject matter specializations according to your interests. A Bachelor of Music Education degree (K-12) also is available. Additional offerings are a minor in education studies and endorsements in the following specialties: coaching, English as a second language, special education and early childhood education.

View the detailed degree requirements PDF to see all courses included in the program.

Learn more about the School of Education.



Pass Rate on All Tests (Praxis II & PLT) for Program Completers (2020)



Study Trips with Clinical Experiences



Grad School Acceptance or Placement in Education Job



of Program Completers Qualify for a Teaching License


Degree Options / Licensure:

choose your path

Open the world to young children and spark their passions with a degree in Elementary Education, which qualifies you to teach Kindergarten through 6th grade. You will learn fundamental concepts in a variety of fields and how to introduce them to young learners, as well as how to assess and develop reading skills. An optional Early Childhood endorsement also is available to elementary education majors interested in 3- and 4-year-old education.

It takes a lot of energy to change states of matter. Middle school students have it in spades, as they are transitioning through a lot of social and emotional development. This degree will qualify you to teach 4th-8th grade students and lead them through this important time, and you will also get to specialize in any two of the following content areas:

  • English & Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Help teenage students find their interests and passions by developing your own. You will develop skills in teaching while diving into a particular subject area with this degree, which is a double major in education and one of the following concentrations:

  • Life/Earth Sciences (Biology Major)
  • Physical/Earth Sciences (Chemistry Major)
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics/Mathematics
  • Social Studies (History Major)
  • Theatre Arts

Inspire students from a variety of developmental levels by teaching them skills and expounding on their gifts in a particular field. This degree is a double major in education and one of the following content areas:

  • Art
  • Kinesiology
  • Music (Choral or Instrumental - B.M.E.)
  • Speech Communication & Theatre Arts

If you are interested in learning the fundamentals of teaching and designing educational environments but not in accomplishing the gateways for a professional teaching certificate, then the minor in Education Studies is a great way to develop these skills and experience in collaboration with your chosen major.

Additional coursework in the areas below result in a special notation on your teaching license. Two endorsements are available to complete fully online*, a great option for teachers looking to add credentials to their existing license, and all are available to current Ouachita students of any major with approval of the dean of the School of Education.


There are three possible ways to earn a Ouachita coaching endorsement:

  1. If you are a kinesiology major, the teaching emphasis already includes a coaching endorsement.
  2. If you already hold a secondary teaching license in any field, then you can complete Ouachita’s minor in coaching courses and pass the Praxis Test.
  3. If you hold a current teaching license in any field (such as elementary education), you can become credentialed through the AAA-NFHS Coaches Education Program.

Ouachita’s coaching courses currently are offered on campus only.


Add an ESL endorsement to your teaching license by taking four required classes and after passing the ESOL Endorsement Praxis Test.

All of Ouachita’s ESL endorsement courses are available online, making it a convenient option for graduates already licensed who wish to earn this credential.


This endorsement is for teaching Special Education Resource in the content area in which you are certified. For example, if you are an elementary education major, you must pass the four required classes as well as the Praxis test to be certified to teach SPED Resource for elementary. If you are a secondary math major, the same requirements apply for you to be eligible to teach SPED Resource in secondary math.

All of Ouachita’s special education endorsement courses are available online.


This endorsement allows elementary education majors to add PreK (3 & 4-year-old) teaching to their K-6 degree license. You must pass four required classes and a Praxis test to be certified.

Currently offered on-campus only.

In their words

hear from a faculty member & student

"I had many amazing and unique experiences while studying at the Huckabee School of Education that have continuously benefited me in my career so far. The hands-on learning experiences laid an incredible foundation for my success, from observing classmates and local teachers to teaching small groups in real classrooms during my practicum and student teaching. Ouachita’s strong relationships with local schools play a vital role in preparing future educators for long and successful careers."

Catie Bennett headshotCatie Bennett
2013 graduate and elementary campus math specialist

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Our faculty not only teach the latest theories but also share their extensive professional connections and expertise. Having served previously in such roles as teacher, principal, school board member, consultant and literacy coach, they know what it takes to be excellent and lead activities like study sessions for licensure tests to help you succeed.

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One-on-one faculty advising means that your degree plan can be customized based on your intended career, strengths and needs. Your advisor really knows you, from your test scores to your personality, which allows faculty to hand pick teachers and practicum placements that provide you with the best opportunities for growth.

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You’ll gain real-world preparation throughout the program, beginning with actual classroom experiences in your first semester. From practice teaching to simulated parent conferences to reading diagnostic training, you'll use vital skills and industry-standard tools to ensure you are ready to step into your own classroom.



Gateways for professional licensure, like standardized assessments and a teaching internship, are built into our degree requirements. Industry evaluation methods are used from your first year, and professors teach through practice versions of the tests you will take. That means when you complete the program, you can be confident that you are qualified to earn a license from the Arkansas Department of Education. While there may be a few additional requirements for licensure outside of Arkansas, this license can be transferred to most states and even countries around the world.


The Huckabee School of Education is dedicated to the growth of future servant leaders in professions that maximize the potential of individuals and society through Christ-centered programs that lead to the maturing of the mind and body, linking love of God and love of learning.


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