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Office of Communications & Marketing

The Office of Communications & Marketing is Ouachita’s in-house creative agency. We’re strategists, specialists and advisors with a combined 125 years’ professional experience in branding, public relations, journalism, editing, photography, videography, project management, event planning, graphic design and storytelling.

As stewards of the Ouachita brand, we specialize in showing the world what makes Ouachita extraordinary.

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The Office of Communications & Marketing creates content, develops strategies and establishes best practices for sharing the Ouachita story – informing and connecting with audiences on campus and around the world. As an information hub, we help the university communicate clearly and with one voice to celebrate the Ouachita experience; express our vision, mission and values; support enrollment and retention; enhance fundraising; promote special events; and shine a spotlight on students, faculty, staff and alumni. We’re also your source for all things branded – from stationery, signage and business cards to clothing and merch. And if you have a project that falls under our umbrella, we’re here to help.

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Meet our talented team of professionals. 

We’re the keepers of the Ouachita story. Everything we do is driven by our responsibility to share it thoughtfully, professionally and with deep respect for the memories, relationships, mission, values and traditions that infuse it.

And we’re nerdy enough to be thinking about it pretty much all the time.

We know the power of a strong brand, so we’re vigilant about making sure we communicate on Ouachita’s behalf with one recognizable voice. We’ve learned how to see Ouachita through the lens of a prospective student or parent, an alum or a friend of the university, and to adjust the tone of a message so that it resonates with each.

We imagine murals on blank walls along the admissions tour route and envision underused campus spaces as opportunities. We obsess over proper punctuation, balanced design and social media trends. We’d recognize Ouachita purple and gold anywhere.

When it comes to marketing our university, we always keep an eye on the big picture. Let us show you how your project fits into it.

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Brand Resources

The Ouachita brand has evolved for more than 135 years into a strong and invaluable asset. It reflects our identity and represents our character. Those of us within the university community are brand ambassadors; everything we do shapes the way others think about Ouachita. These resources are available to help us communicate clearly, consistently and authentically in the service of our Ouachita brand.

brand resources 

Printing Services

As Ouachita discontinued it long-standing in-house Print Shop at the end of 2022, the Office of Communications & Marketing stepped in to coordinate printing needs with off-campus partners.

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Telling the Ouachita Story

We take a comprehensive approach to supporting Ouachita’s vision, mission and reach. Developing content that’s curated for a variety of outlets enables us to effectively promote Ouachita in our digitally connected world.

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