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Printing Services

Ouachita discontinued its long-standing in-house Print Shop effective January 2023.

Copy Paper

Ouachita’s ODP Business Solutions account allows you to order and be invoiced for copy paper as well as other office supplies. There is a minimum order of $65 for free shipping. If no one in your area has an account, you can contact Business Services to set one up.


Printing jobs previously handled by the Print Shop will be completed with the following approach.

  • Increased use of in-office copiers. Updated printers/copiers are being installed throughout campus.
  • Arkadelphia UPS Store for small or urgent needs. For jobs that cannot be completed using your office copier, the local UPS Store can handle most of the types of orders that historically have been done on campus – including wide-format posters. Ouachita employees and students will receive a 15% discount (at the Arkadelphia store only). Most jobs can be completed in a week or sooner.
    order from the UPS Store

  • Larger professional printers coordinated by the Office of Communications & Marketing. For large or specialty print jobs, including those that require university-wide consistency such as letterhead and business cards, the Office of Communications & Marketing will coordinate those orders with a variety of professional printers that it works with throughout the year.

    Forthcoming online store. OCM is seeking to streamline this process through use of an online store that will become available soon for employees to easily order stationery and other branded print items directly from the printer. 
  • Other local mid-size printers are available to handle print jobs that cannot be completed through the options above. Employees can contact these vendors and place individual orders, if needed.


    3948 Central Ave., Suite E

    The UPS Store
    1635 Higdon Ferry Rd., Suite C

    Bill Hall Printers
    500 Albert Pike Rd.

    Wheeler Printing Company
    108 Printers Pl.

    Kwik Print
    508 W. Grand Ave.


    FedEx (inside Walmart)
    17309 I-30

    The UPS Store 
    1201 Military Rd. 


Ordering with the Arkadelphia UPS Store

For printing needs that cannot be completed with your office copier, the Arkadelphia UPS Store can handle most of the types of printing jobs that have historically been done on campus. Order through the form here, not through the UPS website, in order to get the specialized service arranged for Ouachita.


Use this field to upload a file directly.

Payment method*
You do not have to include this if you are paying in store.
Fulfillment method*
Orders will be delivered weekly on Wednesdays to campus mail. If you prefer to pick up your order at the UPS Store, note that here.
Include your campus mail box here for delivery of your order.



Ouachita orders can be paid with credit card/cash (in store pick-up only) or with your Ouachita account number. Either pick up your job in store or we’ll have a weekly delivery to campus.

Ouachita employees and students will receive a 15% discount (at the Arkadelphia store only) with a Ouachita ID or account number.

Turnaround Time

Most jobs can be completed in a week or sooner. However, there is a widespread paper shortage that may affect any printing orders.


View a UPS Pricing Book (PDF) created for Ouachita. The prices here are examples and may vary depending on the details of the particular job, as there are many variables that affect cost. An additional 15% discount to these prices will apply to Ouachita orders. This pricing book only applies to the Arkadelphia location of The UPS Store. 

View UPS Pricing Book (PDF)

For detailed pricing for your particular project, please contact Mrs. Billie Murphy at the UPS Store at 870-246-0478 or .

Getting Your Order

The UPS Store will deliver your items to campus mail on a weekly basis (each Wednesday). If you need your order right away or if you prefer to pay by credit card/cash, you can pick it up at the UPS Store (2810 Pine Street, Arkadelphia) during their regular business hours.

Store Hours

Mondays-Fridays: 7:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
Saturdays: 9 a.m.-12 noon
Sundays:  11 a.m.-4 p.m.


If there is a request that the UPS Store cannot fulfill for you, please contact Ashley Carozza, graphic design manager in the Office of Communications & Marketing, for assistance: carozzaa@obu.edu or 870-245-5212.


Printing Services FAQ 

  • How will my custom textbooks be printed?
    BBA will handle printing them as part of the typical book adoption process. If there are no changes to the version printed previously, no extra steps are needed. If there are changes or you have a new course pack that needs to be printed, send it as a PDF or Word document to Stephanie Herrin at herrins@obu.edu.
  • How do I get copy paper?
    Your office/department/school supervisor should have account access to ODP Business Solutions or Amazon Business. For more information, please contact Business Services at businessservices@obu.edu.
  • What about large posters for research presentations or events?
    The UPS Store can print the same style wide-format posters that previously were printed on campus.
  • How do I order from the UPS Store?
    Complete the order form above to place an order directly with the Arkadelphia UPS Store.
  • Do I have to go to the UPS Store to pick up my order?
    No, there will be a weekly delivery of print orders to campus for the convenience of Ouachita faculty, staff and students. Orders will be taken to campus mail on Wednesdays. If you need your order urgently or need to pay with credit card/cash rather than with your Ouachita budget account number, you will need to go to the store.
  • How long will I have to wait for my order?
    Turnaround time will vary based on the individual project – and the printing industry at large is struggling with paper shortages – but most jobs submitted to the Arkadelphia UPS Store can be completed in a week or sooner. Most jobs ordered through the Magna IV online store, when it is available, will be available in 2-3 weeks.
  • How do I order stationery (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, note cards)?
    Complete the existing order forms in the Info Portal, and the Office of Communications & Marketing will direct your order to the correct vendor. Later in the Spring semester, a new online store will be available for stationery and other items. See more about stationery at https://obu.edu/comm-mark/brand/stationery.php.
  • Can I charge my print order to my Ouachita budget account?
    Yes, you can submit your account number along with your orders to the Arkadelphia UPS Store. Those charges will be processed in bulk by Ouachita’s Office of Business Services and you won’t have to do anything additional. If you order from another external vendor, you’ll need to pay using another method.

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