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Tutoring Programs

We believe that learning happens best through relationship. The Elrod Center Tutoring programs connect Ouachita students with school students in our community for the purposes of academic help and mentorship. Ouachita students serve the same students and families throughout the course of the academic year. Meaningful relationships are forged and academic progress is made through these programs. Ouachita students can participate in Elrod Center Tutoring programs as volunteers or as work-study for those who are eligible.

Do you plan to work as a volunteer or work study for this tutoring position?
Which program would you like to participate in?*
(Identify any previous work experience in which you were directly involved in working with children specifically previous tutoring experience. Include beginning and ending dates for each work experience.)
If selected, will you have transportation available to and from the public school site?



America Reads/America Counts at Peake Elementary

Ouachita student tutors are paired with Kindergarten through fourth grade students on the campus of Peake Elementary School for one-on-one tutoring in the areas of literacy and math.


America Reads/America Counts at Goza Middle School

Ouachita student tutors are paired with fifth through eighth grade students on the campus of Goza Middle School for one-on-one tutoring in the areas of literacy/writing and math.


After School Tutoring at the Elrod Center

Ouachita student tutors are paired with students of all ages and in all subjects for one-on-one tutoring afterschool here at the Elrod Center.  Our tutors do everything from preschool students working on letter recognition to high schoolers working on pre-calculus and trigonometry.


For more information, contact:
Leigh Anne McKinney, Elrod Center associate director
mckinneyl@obu.edu // 870-245-5320

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