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Department of Psychology


Prepare students for graduate study as well as provide a strong supporting area for individuals majoring in religion, sociology, teacher education, philosophy, pre-medical studies, and other social service areas.

Learning Goals

  • Develop the knowledge, background, and skills needed to...
    • Appreciate the diverse theoretical approaches in psychology;
    • Understand, compute, and appropriately use basic statistical techniques;
    • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of various research designs.
  • Learn to communicate professional information in verbal or written form
  • Behave as students of the discipline in light of disciplinary ethical guidelines.

Specific: Knowledge of...

  • Biological basis of behavior and experience;
  • Cognitive and affective basis of behavior and experience;
  • Developmental and social basis of behavior and experience; and
  • Abnormal processes related to behavior and experience.


Psychology major

Next Steps



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