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Legal Studies

Law schools require a bachelor degree of those who apply for admission. While no particular major is specified for pre-law students, it is recommended that they select courses from political science, philosophy, English, communications, history, psychology, sociology, economics, accounting, and business administration.

Legal Studies Minor

Ouachita’s Legal Studies Minor (20-21 hours) may be taken with any major. Its purpose is to provide greater understanding of law and legal institutions as well as develop analytical and writing skills.


PHIL 1023 – Logic
ENGL 2023 – Advanced Grammar
BUAD 3003 – The Legal Environment of Business
PSCI 3033 – Constitutional Law
PSCI 3043 – Judicial Process

Flexible (Choose two of the following):

COMM 4023 – Communication Law
NSCI 3202 – Environmental Law
SOCI 3023 – Crime and Deviance
SPTM 4023 – Sport Law

Pre-Law Society

Ouachita's Pre-Law Society provides additional support and resources for students interested in the legal profession.


Contact Dr. Douglas Reed, Ouachita's pre-law advisor.

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