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Advising Guidelines for Students

Advising Vision Statement


The foundation for advising at Ouachita is the university mission statement, which affirms that "education involves the whole person and that growth is intellectual, physical, spiritual and social."  Academic advising is a collaborative, interactive process in which advisors help students explore their educational environment; set and achieve academic goals; acquire relevant information and services; make informed choices consistent with interests, goals, abilities, and degree requirements; and take responsibility for their own learning.



For more information on advising, see Advising FAQs.



Advising Guidelines for Students


As stated in the OBU Advising Vision Statement, the final responsibility for meeting degree requirements rests with the student. Students should prepare for meetings with their advisors by clarifying academic, career and life goals. These goals, along with university requirements, will enable the student to choose a course of study.

Students should become knowledgeable about university policies, procedures, and requirements by carefully reading the catalog.

Get in touch with your advisor to schedule an appointment whenever you need assistance. If you cannot keep the appointment, notify your advisor before the scheduled appointment.

Keep notes from meetings with your advisor. It is especially important that you follow your degree plan and keep track of any modifications from the original, approved plan.

Follow through on advice provided by your advisor.

Keep your advisor informed of academic achievements, difficulties and other factors that influence your academic career.

Evaluate the advising system, when requested, in order to strengthen the advising process.

Accept final responsibility for your decisions and the resulting consequences.

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