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Transferring Academic Credit

Ouachita Baptist University accepts most transfer credit successfully completed at other accredited colleges and universities. Such credit falls into three categories: courses that satisfy requirements in the Ouachita Core, courses that satisfy requirements in the student’s major or minor field of study, and courses that are considered elective credit. Please note that for the purposes of determining the minimum number of junior/senior hours required for graduation, courses transferred from other institutions are counted at the level designated by the institution where they were taken.

The following courses will satisfy requirements in Ouachita’s CORE curriculum as indicated below:

Course completed at an accredited institution:

Satisfies the following requirements in The Ouachita Core:



  • Public Speaking or Oral Communication

COMM 1003, Fundamentals of Public Speaking 
Satisfies the Applied Skills Menu



  • Old Testament or New Testament

CORE 1113, Survey of the Bible (3 hours)

  • Additional Old or New Testament

CORE 1123, Interpreting the Bible (3 hours)



  • Freshman Composition I

CORE 1043, Composition I  (3 hours)

  • Freshman Composition II

CORE 2053, Composition II (3 hours)
Required only for some majors. Otherwise, this course counts as elective credit.


  • Western Literature I or II,
  • World Literature I or II
One-semester course in either of the above


CORE 2233, World Literature (3 hours)



  • Personal Finance

FINN 2003, Personal Finance (3 hours)
Satisfies the Applied Skills Menu



  • Art Appreciation
  • Music Appreciation
  • Theatre Appreciation

FINA 3113, Fine Arts: Art (3 hours)

FINA 3123, Fine Arts: Music (3 hours)

FINA 3133, Fine Arts: Theatre (3 hours)
Satisfies the Artistic Engagement Menu


  • U.S. History I or II, or
  • One-semester U.S. History survey course

HIST 2003 or 2013, United States History to/Since 1877 (3 hours)
Satisfies the Civic Engagement Menu


  • Western Civilization I or II
  • World History I or II


CORE 2243 History of World Societies (3 hours)



  • Any foreign language

Foreign Language (up to 6 hours in the same language)
Satisfies the Intercultural Appreciation and Communication Menu



  • College Algebra or any higher math course with three or more credit hours

MATH 1003, College Algebra (3 hours)

MATH 1033, Mathematics for the Liberal Arts (3 hours) 
Satisfies the Analytic and Quantitative Reasoning Menu



  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Logic

PHIL 1003, Introduction to Philosophy (3 hours)

PHIL 1023, Logic (3 hours)
Satisfies the Analytic and Quantitative Reasoning Menu ONLY for students who have an MPI score of 80 or above.



  • Wellness or Personal Fitness
  • Health and Safety

KIN 1002, Concepts of Wellness (2 hours)

KIN 2073, Health and Safety (3 hours)

Satisfies the Physical Well-being Menu



  • American Government

PSCI 2013, American National Government

Satisfies the Civic Engagement Menu



  • Lab science courses, including Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics

First course substitutes for CORE 2334, Scientific Inquiry (4 hours)

Any additional course in a different scientific domain substitutes for CORE 3023, Scientific Connections (3 hours)


Courses with similar content but different titles may also satisfy requirements in The Ouachita Core and will be evaluated on an individual basis. Courses that do not count toward the Core curriculum may satisfy requirements for the student’s major or minor. Those courses that do not satisfy requirements in the Core or the major or minor fields of study will be counted as electives.

For further information, please call the Registrar’s Office at 870-245-5580 or email the Registrar, Lizann Tollett at tollettl@obu.edu. The Registrar’s Office will work with each student individually to determine the exact number of transfer credits and the requirements that can be satisfied with these courses.

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