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Medical Laboratory Sciences

The student who plans to complete the professional course for Medical Laboratory Science at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) or at Baptist Health College Little Rock – Medical Laboratory Science and receive a degree from Ouachita should spend six semesters and complete the hours specified below. The professional curriculum at UAMS is comprised of four semesters and has a mid-August starting date. The professional curriculum in Medical Laboratory Science at the Baptist Health College Little Rock is a 12-month program with a July starting date.  Please note that requirements of professional schools change, are posted on their websites, and often take effect immediately. Their requirements supersede OBU catalog listings. Click on the web sites above to see requirements for entry without receiving a degree from Ouachita.

The Ouachita degree is awarded upon completion of the professional Medical Laboratory Science program. The student who wishes to complete a professional Medical Laboratory Science course at any other university or hospital and receive a degree from Ouachita can work out a comparable program in consultation with the Dean of Natural Sciences at Ouachita.


Course Study

First Year

  • Biology 1014, 1024 (General Biology I, II)
  • Chemistry 1004, 1014 (General Chemistry I, II)
  • Mathematics 1003 (College Algebra) or higher math
  • Mathematics 2063 (Elementary Statistics)
  • Speech Communication 1003 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication)*
  • CORE 1012 (Introduction to the Liberal Arts)
  • CORE 1043, 1053 (Composition 1, 2)
  • CORE 1023 (The Contemporary World)

First Year's Total = 33 hrs

Second Year

  • Chemistry 3004, 3104 (Organic Chemistry I, II)
  • Physics 1004, 1014 (Introductory Physics 1, 2)
  • History 1003 (World Civilization to 1600)*
  • History 1013 (World Civilization since 1600)*
  • CORE 2123 (Western Civilization)**
  • CORE 1022 (Concepts of Wellness)
  • CORE 1113 (Survey of the Bible)
  • CORE 1123 (Interpreting the Bible)

Second Year's Total = 30 or 33 hrs

Third Year

  • Biology 2014 (Anatomy & Physiology I)
  • Biology 3014 (Microbiology)
  • CORE 2443 (Social Science Survey)
  • CORE 2113 (American Civilization)
  • CORE 2223 (Western Letters)
  • CORE Fine Arts 6 hrs (choose two of three courses from Art, Music, and Theatre)
  • CORE 4001  (Natural Sciences Senior Seminar)
  • Psychology, Sociology, Geography, or Economics (6 hours)*
  • Two Semesters of One Foreign Language (6 hours)

Third Year's Total = 30 or 33 hrs

* Required at UAMS
** Required at BHCLR

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