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Professional Programs

The majority of students in the Patterson School of Natural Sciences are interested in attending a professional program in a health field after completing their degree at Ouachita. The professional schools typically have pre-matriculation requirements that include courses in several disciplines including non-science courses and for the most part the professional schools do not insist on a particular major. Most of our pre-professional students major in biology however this is not required. Students should select a major and minor in an area they enjoy studying! The key is to make sure you have completed the pre-matriculation requirements for the professional schools you are interested in attending.

Below you will find suggested courses of study that prepare students for specific professional programs. Remember that these are suggested courses of study and that each student arrives on campus with different strengths and weaknesses as well as different math and science backgrounds. You will also find details concerning allied health professions and a description of the affiliation agreements we currently maintain with Union University and Baptist Health (Little Rock) School of Nursing. Finally, specifically for current upperclassmen, you will see links concerning the Health Professions Advisory Committee.

Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental and Pre-Veterinary

Pre-Physical Therapy


Pre-Physicians Assistant



Professional Chemistry

Environmental Analysis


Cooperative Programs in Health Professions

Medical Technology

Pre-Dental Hygiene


Health Professions Information

Interview Questions

Detailed Pre-Health Professions Information

General guidelines for Medical, Dental or Veterinary School

General guidelines for Pharmacy, Physical Therapy and other Health Related Fields

Health Professions Information Form for Students Applying for Professional Schools

Next Steps



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