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Pre-Dental Hygiene

The courses listed are for the program in dental hygiene of the College of Health-Related Professions, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Note that professional programs may change their requirements and post them to their web sites. Any changes they make supercede OBU listings. Click here for the UAMS site. Applicants must have completed the first-year science prerequisite courses prior to applying to UAMS.


First Year

  • Chemistry 1024 (Introductory Chemistry)
  • Chemistry 1034 (Introductory Organic & Biological Chemistry)*
  • Biology 1014 (Zoology)
  • Mathematics 1003 (College Algebra) or higher math
  • History (1003 World History to 1600 or CORE 2213 Western Civilization) and 1013 World History since 1600
  • 1033 (Microcomputer Applications) or CSCI 1033 (Introduction to Computer Science)
  • Sociology 1003 (Introduction to Sociology)
  • Speech Communication 1003 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication)
  • CORE 1043 (Composition 1)
  • CORE 1053 (Composition 2)

* UAMS requires only CHEM 1024. However, BIOL 3014 requires eight hours of chemistry as a prerequisite.

First Year's Total = 33 hrs


Second Year

  • Psychology 1013 (General Psychology)
  • History 2003 or 2013 (U.S. History) or Political Science 2013 (American National Government)
  • Biology 3014 (Microbiology)
  • three hours of philosophy, political science, or literature (humanities)
  • three hours of art, music, or theater art
  • additional hours to total 62 before entry to dental hygiene program

For personal reasons a student may want to vary the above program slightly and should consult with the adviser to see that the minimum requirements for admission to the Dental Hygienist Program are attained. A student who wishes to return to Ouachita to obtain a Bachelor's degree may be able to transfer some of the credits in the Dental Hygienist Program toward this degree and should have the transcript from the University of Arkansas examined by the Registrar at Ouachita.

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