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Tutoring Overview

Types of Tutoring

  • Offered in an open setting, where students can come and go as they need for any support
  • Tutors available with experience in almost all subject areas
  • Times are available on the Group Tutoring Schedule

  • Customized study halls provided for every Ouachita athletic team
  • Monitored, quiet, designated study areas
  • Times that accommodate team practice programs
  • Tutors available for most all CORE subjects

  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate you and your classmates
  • Groups scheduled weekly with a specific tutor and subject

Check our current list of group sessions.

  • Peer-led study sessions directly correlating to a specific class
  • Additional practices or study materials may be provided by professors

Check out our current SI sessions.

  • Availability and frequency of sessions are subject to change.
  • Available to students who meet eligibility requirements:
    • Earn below a 2.000 cumulative GPA; eligibility will be reevaluated when cumulative midterm GPA is posted
    • Hold Tiger Success status

Request Session

  • Private tutoring paid for by the student ($20 per hour)

For more information or for assistance with tutoring or study skill strategies, please call or stop by our office to set up an appointment with Student Support Specialist Jewelie Mills at asc@obu.edu or (870) 245-4286.


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Request Session

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Become a Tutor

Application Deadline: Friday, Feb. 9

Academic Success Tutoring is students-helping-students, and we pride ourselves on being able to offer Ouachita’s students free academic assistance with their courses.

Apply for a Position


ASC tutors will work with OBU students in their content areas of expertise. Tutors may work with students on a one-on-one basis, small group tutoring, or in walk-in style labs to answer questions on course content and to aid in comprehension of course material.


ASC tutors MUST meet the following qualifications:

  • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00
  • Must have already completed course(s) in the subject you are tutoring with a preferred grade of A, but B is acceptable
  • Must have obtained at least the academic level of a second-semester freshman
  • Must provide faculty recommendation
  • Must maintain confidentiality at all times

Knowledge, Abilities, Skills

ASC tutors MUST have possess the following:

  • Significant knowledge of the content area being tutored
  • Ability to work well with small groups and individually with students
  • Ability to communicate well with tutors and students
  • Ability to serve as positive role models by exercising and sharing skills in time management, professionalism, and study habits


ASC tutors are responsible for the following duties:

  • Attend mandatory tutor orientation and any additional tutor/staff development meetings
  • Assist students’ learning without doing the students’ work
  • Keep any and all required records of tutoring appointments
  • Report any and all concerns and problems to the ASC staff immediately
  • Make sure that YOU and YOUR TUTEES are signed in for each and every tutoring session
  • Complete the appropriate Session Reports for each walk-in recording any details of the session that are pertinent to the ongoing success of the students. If you deal with any problems or concerns for an individual student please attach tutees name.

What You Get In Return

  • A chance to share your passion for your subject and see others succeed
  • Relevant training
  • A good hourly rate ($11 per hour – do not have to be WorkStudy eligible)
  • Opportunity to earn TranServe hours

To Apply

  1. Complete the ASC Tutoring Application 2024-2025 through the button below.
  2. Provide 2-3 OBU faculty members, at least one faculty member must be within your major department, that you would like to use as a reference. Faculty reference must be submitted through the following link: https://bit.ly/ASCreference.
  3. Upload a copy of your unofficial transcript.

ASC Tutoring Application 2024-2025

SI Leader Qualifications

  1. Second semester Freshman is minimum.
  2. An overall GPA of 3.0 is required.
  3. A grade of 3.0 or above in the selected course is required; prior enrollment with the faculty member who is to teach the selected course is preferred.
  4. Content-competency (to be determined by the selected course faculty member) is required.
  5. Good interpersonal and communication skills (to be determined by the SI Supervisor) are required.

Primary Activities

  1. Attend at minimum 60% of class meetings of the selected course, take notes, and keep current in the course materials including text(s) and supplemental readings.
  2. Conduct at least one 50-minute study session per week throughout the term using strategies learned through the SI Leader training.
  3. Regularly meet with the SI Supervisor for debrief sessions
  4. Discuss observations of the SI sessions
  5. Discuss the planning of SI sessions and use of a wide variety of learning strategies
  6. Notify SI Supervisor about problems or potential problems
  7. Assist SI Supervisor in training other SI Leaders
  8. Behave in a professional manner at all times

Secondary Activities

  1. Provide extra SI sessions and/or marathon sessions as necessary (e.g., prior to examinations)
  2. Ascertain course requirements and maintain contact throughout the term with course faculty member or designated representative.
  3. Meet with other campus SI Leaders and Supervisory Staff at scheduled meetings
  4. Other duties as assigned by the Director

Maintenance Activities

  1. Complete necessary personnel paperwork
  2. Attend SI Leader training prior to the beginning of each term
  3. Work with the SI Supervisor to select appropriate times and scheduling of the SI sessions
  4. Make periodic announcements about the availability of SI sessions to the students
  5. Ensure that the initial SI Survey, Midterm SI Feedback Survey and End-of-Course Survey are distributed and assist with data analysis
  6. Collect attendance data for every SI session using the Retain system
  7. Maintain a professional attitude about matters such as class standards, grades, and student complaints
  8. Model appropriate professional attitudes and behaviors to staff, students, and others
  9. Provide your SI Supervisor with an up-to-date schedule of your SI sessions
  10. Notify your SI Supervisor in advance if you cannot conduct an SI session as scheduled
  11. Promote SI through the use of social media

What You Get In Return

  • A chance to share your passion for your subject and see others succeed
  • Relevant training
  • Peer Instructor class credit (if applicable) or Stipend
  • Opportunity to earn TranServe hours

ASC New SI Leader Application 2023-24

ASC Returning SI Leader Application 2023-24


For Additional Information:

For more information, please visit the Academic Success Center in Lile Hall, Suite 122, or call 870-245-5381. You may also contact Jewelie Mills at 870-245-5275 or asc@obu.edu.

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