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Intramurals General Info

Students are the heartbeat of Intramural Sports. To have a successful and safe intramural program, a healthy relationship between players, fans, and referees must exist. It is a healthy reminder for everyone involved that this is an intramural program and should not be taken too seriously. High quality of games and great competition must exist inside a safe and controlled environment. Team captains and referees work together to maintain this environment, particularly concerning team and individual conduct. The RecLife intramural staff seeks to model a “give respect to receive respect” attitude, with the hope that teams see the referee’s respect and respond likewise. Our primary goal is to create and maintain an environment that is conducive to quality sportsmanship and strong competition in which students can come to an activity and leave feeling that they were able to play a safe, fun, and fair game.

The RecLife staff strives to be well-trained and knowledgeable about each sport, but our referees are not professionals and should not be held to that standard; even professional referees make mistakes. Teams and fans alike are to be understanding about calls made and are to respect the referee’s decision. Every time you step onto the court or field, please make the decision to do your part in helping OBU Intramurals be a great place to come and compete. We need your help!

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