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Referee Employment Application

Job Description

The primary job is to assist through officiating and managing intramural league games. The secondary job is to keep intramural fields, courts, and storage areas clean and organized.  Although this is a difficult job, it is important to know that as a referee you will never be alone. We work as a team, and if each referee works hard to learn each sport, and is disciplined in working hard, Intramural Sports will succeed.

Intramural Sports offers a wide variety of sports (including: Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, and Softball). Athletic ability and experience are crucial to the job. Referees are not required to come to the job with a perfect knowledge of every sport, but are expected to understand sports and sportsmanship.

Intramural reffing is unlike any other reffing job, because the participants that you are officiating are your classmates, teachers, friends, and roommates. In order to thrive at this job you must have assertive patience. As the official on the field, everyone will expect you to make the tough calls during the game. Not being willing to make a call will get you into more trouble than making the wrong call. Even the right calls will elicit various levels of frustration from participants. Your ability to stay calm and be patient with players during their challenging moments will be critical in your ability to enjoy this work study position.

Times: Referees work an average of 6-8 hours/week. It is very important that students applying to be referees understand that our games are played on Mon-Thur anywhere from 3:00-10:00 (depending on the season). Unfortunately these times conflict with most university athletic practice schedules which prevents NCAA athletes from working as a referee.

Benefits: Rec Life is a work-study job and pays $950/semester. This is the most exciting work-study job on campus!  Also note that referees are also allowed to participate in Intramural Sports.

If interested fill out the application below. Contact the RecLife staff if you have questions.

Referee Application

Did you read the referee job description?
As far as you know right now, what days could you commit to work?
Are you eligible for work study?

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