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RecLife's mission is to cultivate and foster intellectual, spiritual, physical and social growth in a Christ-centered environment that utilizes extracurricular adventure and competitive recreation as transformational learning tools for spiritual formation. In an effort to accomplish this mission, the following intramural policies will govern contests and conduct during play.


  • Currently enrolled, activity-fee paying students
  • Faculty/Staff and their spouses
  • Alumni of OBU (note: max number of alumni per team cannot exceed half the number of minimum players required per sport)
  • Present athletes including scholarship, and walk-on players are not eligible in their related sport during the same academic year.


Teams are encouraged to submit all time conflicts to the RecLife Staff before team registration closes. This includes using the time preference setting within IMLeagues during the registration process and/or emailing time conflicts directly to the Assistant Director of RecLife. If it is a valid time conflict, RecLife will not schedule your team during that time slot. A valid time conflict is something that involves enough of your team members to force you to forfeit a game.

RecLife wants to honor and encourage participation in the local church and parachurch activities. Because there are church events (and para-church events) on multiple nights of the week, it is impossible to cancel for all church events. Church related time conflicts will be honored as valid.

During tournament play RecLife will do all we can to work around time conflicts. Because our tournament schedules are determined by bracket play, not all time conflicts can be honored.



Captains/Chairs can request to reschedule a contest through their IMLeagues.com* account. Simply go to your team page, click on the contest you would like to reschedule, and hit the “reschedule” button. Once you choose a new available timeslot, the request will be sent to the opposing team’s captain and then to RecLife staff for approval. All reschedule requests must go through IMLeagues and must be in 24 hours prior to the originally scheduled contest.

*Note: Reschedule requests cannot be made in the RecLife App, only at IMLeagues.com in a web browser.



Teams have the opportunity to default a contest if they know beforehand that they will not have enough players to play a regularly scheduled contest. In order for a contest to be declared a default, the team chair/captain must contact the RecLife office by email (reclife@obu.edu) no later than 12 p.m. on the day of the contest. If a contest is declared a default by RecLife staff, the contest will not be rescheduled unless the original contest is later cancelled by RecLife staff. In the case of a default, the opposing team for the contest will be declared the winner. Defaults do not affect a team’s sportsmanship rating, however, two defaults in a season will equal one forfeit.

Any games that are canceled by RecLife will be rescheduled if at all possible, but there are no guarantees.



If a team does not have the required number of players by five minutes past start time, the team will receive a forfeit. The team will not be allowed to play with fewer players even if the opposing team agrees to that condition. Teams can still play if they want, but it will not be officiated and will not be recorded as an official game. If a team forfeits twice during a season, that team will be removed from the schedule.

Teams that forfeit a contest will receive a 1.0 sportsmanship rating for that contest (see sportsmanship below).


The officials, Intramural Sports supervisors and/or the Assistant Director of Recreational Life for each contest will rate each team or player based on sportsmanship displayed before, during, and after the contest. It is the responsibility of the team captain to find out what rating his/her team receives. The captain of a team that has a question about their assigned rating should submit the complaint within 24 hours, in writing, to the Assistant Director. The following system will be utilized:


This rating may be given to a team or player that demonstrates excellent sportsmanship and maintains an attitude of cooperation before, during, and after the contest. 


This rating may be given to a team or player for any of the following conditions:

  • The team or player demonstrates unsportsmanlike behavior or argues with officials;
  • The team or player fails to cooperate with the officials to keep the game running in an orderly fashion;
  • The team or player has to be warned about unnecessary roughness.


This rating may be given to a team or player for any of the following conditions:

  • A player or coach is ejected for any reason by an official or any intramural staff member;
  • Players, other than designated captain, persist in either questioning or arguing with the officials;
  • Spectators clearly related to the team fail to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion;
  • The team or player, after being warned, continues to use unnecessary roughness;
  • The team or player shows willful disregard for the rules and/or policies of the intramural program including, but not limited to, participating under an assumed name or the use of an ineligible player;


This rating may be given to a team or player for any of the following conditions:

  • A coach, player, or spectator clearly related to the team or player makes an abusive remark toward an opponent, official, or any intramural staff member;
  • A player, coach, or spectator clearly related to the team or player initiates any physical contact with an opponent, official, or intramural staff member;
  • The team or player, after being warned, continues to use unnecessary roughness;
  • Spectators clearly related to the team or player engage in disruptive behavior that jeopardizes the officials' ability to control the game;
  • The team or player forfeits a contest (see Forfeit Policy).



The following are possible consequences of un-sportsmanlike conduct:

  • Intramural Probation: A player or team would be placed on probationary status which would cause a suspension from intramural participation for any further unsportsmanlike conduct. The length of probation may be set for a particular sport, a semester, or for a year.
  • Intramural Suspension: Suspension from intramural sports prohibits the suspended team and its players and/or a single individual from participating in any sports for the period of suspension. A period of intramural suspension is always followed by a period of intramural probation of not less than one semester.
  • In order to maintain the integrity of the intramural program along with promoting the wellbeing of all players, Intramural probation or suspension may be administered to any team/player for unsportsmanlike conduct at the discretion of the Director of Recreation Life, the Assistant Director of Recreation Life, the Dean of Students, or the Vice President for Student Development on a case-by-case basis.
  • Participants are reminded to conduct themselves in accordance with the standards for student conduct, which is outlined on pages 17-19 of the Tiger Handbook. Any participant being in violation of university policy may be referred to the office of the Dean of Students.



Any player that is ejected from a contest will automatically be suspended from participating in the next scheduled contest. After this, the period of suspension will vary depending on the severity of the infraction but could include the remainder of a season, the remainder of a semester, or up to a year.

Any team or player that finds themselves in violation of university policy leading to official university sanctions, could have their intramural privileges revoked for a period of time or indefinitely at the discretion of the Dean of Students or the Vice President of Student Development.



In order to be eligible to advance to the playoffs in any sport, a team must receive a cumulative rating of “3.0” sportsmanship ranking during the regular season. A team receiving two (2) “2.0” ratings or one (1) “1.0” rating in the same tournament will not be allowed to advance to the next round. That team’s opponent will be awarded a win and will advance in their place.

The majority of Intramurals are played outside and therefore, there will be times that the weather will dictate play. In the event that any of the following conditions arise, updates will be communicated through the RecLife App, text messaging, and email. Captains and team members are encouraged to allow push notifications on the RecLife app and input a cell phone number into IMLeagues when registering for an account in order to be quickly informed of any decisions or changes that are made. If games are canceled for any reason, they will be made up if at all possible, but there are no guarantees.

Rain: The RecLife staff will make a judgment call on whether the conditions are playable.

Storms: The RecLife staff will make a call to either proceed or cancel games determined by the distance and direction of the storm. Even if the current conditions seem playable, games may be canceled if storms are close in order keep everyone safe.

Tornados: In the case of a tornado watch for Clark County the RecLife staff will make a call to either proceed or cancel games determined by the position and the direction of the storm. In the case of a tornado warning for Clark County, games will be canceled. Games will continue 30 minutes after the tornado warning has expired as long as there is no further chance of tornadoes and/or storms.

Flooding: Almost every spring the intramural fields flood at one point or another. Games will not be played if there is standing or moving water.

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